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Chuck's Mobility LLC supplies the Kansas City, KS and surrounding metro area with the highest quality wheelchair lifts and platform lifts. Platform lifts can assist in freeing you from the restrictions of stairs. They are designed to provide an affordable solution to increase the mobility and freedom of wheelchair users in their own home. We can help you select and install the perfect wheelchair lift for your home or business.

Indoor and outdoor lifts available

While there certainly is more room for ramps outdoors, it's not always practical - especially on second floor entrances! Our exterior lifts are compact in comparison to ramps and can get you into your home or business with ease. Our interior models can even take you from story to story of your home!

Our most popular wheelchair lifts are:

• Bruno vertical platform lifts
• Harmar access vertical platform lifts

Perfect for wheelchairs, these lifts have a wide range of benefits - they can help you move objects from floor to floor or operate in the dark. In both cases, you'll be reducing the risk of a fall.

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